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Mini refrigerators are the perfect solution for bedrooms, dorm rooms, college, offices, garages, man caves, class rooms, and even a nursery or kids play room. They are perfect to keep snacks, juices, sodas, and other drinks cold and ready for drinking. The small size of a refrigerator makes it convenient to place almost anywhere in your house or office.

There are different features you can look into getting when you purchase your mini fridge and the most common feature people look for would be a freezer. A freezer is very convenient to have on a small refrigerator because you can use it to store treats such as ice cream and otter pops or you can use you it to as extra space to keep your frozen good fresh. It is also nice to be able to have a place to put some extra ice cube trays, if your main refrigerator does not have an ice maker.

There are so many different sizes of mini fridges with freezers that you will really need to narrow down your search before you decide on what is perfect for you. You can find small refrigerators which are a little smaller in width and height than your main one. These will have the biggest freezer area because the freezer will be a completely different section than you refrigerator area. The next size you will find will be about half that size, and this is the most common size. This is probably a perfect mini fridge for a dorm room, or office. Most of them will come with a small freezer section that can be found inside your main refrigeration section.

Most of them now-a-days are stainless steel and black hard plastic. You can find white one's but the more popular choice is becoming stainless steel and black. A lot of college kids are picking up mini fridges for their dorms and the stainless steel and black color goes nicely because it will last longer and stays cleaner longer.

Some of our favorite models companies of mini refrigerators with freezers are Haier, Frigidaire, Sanyo, Sunpentown, GE, and Koolatron.



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Mini Refrigerator and Freezer

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This article was published on 2010/09/20